• CPR’s Howard Law-Ray Corollary Initiative Event Seeks to Expand the ADR Profession’s Diversity Efforts
    CPR’s Howard Law-Ray Corollary Initiative Event Seeks to Expand the ADR Profession’s Diversity Efforts” by RCI Vice Chair, Katherine Simpson, contained in Alternatives, Volume 41 No. 7 (July/August 2023).
  • The Ray Corollary Initiative: An Explainer
    Ms. Audrey Roofeh of Mariana Strategies presents on the Ray Corollary Initiative.

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  • The Ray Corollary Initiative: How to Achieve Diversity and Inclusion in Arbitrator Selection
    The Ray Corollary Initiative Inc. began with this article, published in Howard University Law Journal, by Prof. Homer C. La Rue and Mr. Alan Symonette.

    Download Homer C. La Rue and Alan A. Symonette, The Ray Corollary Initiative: How to Achieve Diversity and Inclusion In Arbitrator Selection, 63(2) Howard L.J. 205 (Winter 2020).
  • Reckoning with Race and Racism
    The editorial board of Dispute Resolution Magazine grapples with difficult discussions about race and racism in our challenging times.

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  • Future of Diversity in Dispute Resolution: Racial and Gender Diversity of Neutrals in 2030
    Powerpoint presentation to the Labor and Employment Relations Association, The Future of Workplace Dispute Resolution.

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  • Ray Corollary Initiative End of Year Report
    2021 was a transformative year for the Ray Corollary Initiative (RCI)! What began as a science-backed idea reported in a law review article, developed into an independent corporate entity, Ray Corollary Initiative, Inc (RCI, Inc.) aimed at increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the selection of ADR neutrals.

    Beginning in mid-2021, volunteers laid the groundwork for the RCI’s incorporation. Collaboration with the National Academy of Arbitrators (NAA) helped the RCI to establish an internet presence, while volunteers with the American Bar Association (ABA) drafted an RCI Pledge that would enable appointers to announce their intention to assess the 30% metric. Now with a corporate structure focused on realizing diversity in arbitration, the RCI is on its way toward expansion by (1) establishing a Council of Advisors, (2) publishing the RCI Pledge and usable contract clauses on its own website (under development), and (3) studying the impact of the Pledge and of diversity on dispute resolution.

    In 2021, the RCI, Inc. adopted its first By-Laws, and elected its first Board of Directors: Sarah M. Espinosa (Secretary), Michael J. Gan, Christopher Kwok, David A. Larson, Homer C. La Rue (Chair), Rebekah Ratliff, Katherine Simpson (Vice-Chair), Alan A. Symonette (Treasurer), Allen Waxman, and Keisha Williams.

    In 2021, the CPR adopted the 30% metric as part of its diversity commitment. A majority of AMTRAK unions agreed to include the RCI 30% metric in their arbitration agreements. The City of Philadelphia and the Fraternal Order of Police declared their intention to increase the diversity in their selection of arbitrators, using a 40% metric. Finally, on December 21, 2021, the 130,000-member National Board of the National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association unanimously adopted the RCI Pledge.

    In 2022, the RCI will improve the appointment of diverse neutrals by requiring that those who join its Pledge seek to ensure that at least 30% of each arbitrator roster is made up of “diverse” neutrals.

    Download the RCI 2021 End of Year Report.