The Labor Relations Connection, Inc. (“LRC”) Signs the RCI Pledge

The RCI™ , Inc. is pleased to announce that The Labor Relations Connection, Inc. (“LRC”) has signed the RCI™ Pledge for ADR Providers. The RCI Pledge calls for an industry-wide effort to increase the number of diverse professionals who serve as arbitrators, mediators, and in other ADR roles. 

Even before The LRC’s inception, when I first entered into the field of Labor Arbitration the gender disparity between available neutrals was quite striking,” said Jan Teehan, Director and Founder of The Labor Relations Connection.  “We have always strived to provide advocates with a robust and diverse selection of Arbitrators/Mediators that reflects the community at large. This is a core value instilled in all members here at The LRC.

By taking this Pledge, we reaffirm our mission to provide parties with a comprehensive and inclusive selection of neutral candidates. Further, we agree to maintain rosters of proposed neutrals for any given matter of at least 30% diverse candidates spanning across race, gender identity, women and persons living with disabilities.

We are proud to stand in support of the Ray Corollary Initiative (RCI, Inc.).

And the RCI, Inc. is pleased that a variety of organizations are taking and implementing the RCI Pledge.  We are confident that this will produce the change that users and providers alike want to see in ADR:  this is one path toward ensuring that the ADR process utilizes all available talent,” said Dr. Katherine Simpson, Interim CEO of the RCI, Inc.   

The LRC is a case administration service that strives to offer personalized, timely, accurate, and response case administration services that fit the needs of Unions and Employers.

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